Proj 1: (Updated) The Weather Man

The idea is to have a painting of an animated character on an LCD digital frame (like the ones used as picture frames for displaying digital picture slide-shows). This picture frame is to be hung inside a house as art. The animations of the character are controlled and changed depending on input received from a few wireless sensors outside the house.

Input will be received from a temperature sensor, humidity / precipitation sensor, and a wind pressure sensor:
  1. Temperature would affect the character's mood (happy at moderate temperatures, sad or very sad at extreme cold or hot temperatures), his clothes (suiting the weather outside) and actions (fanning self when it's too hot, or shivering in extreme cold). 
  2. Precipitation or humidity will result in the character pulling out an umbrella on a rainy day.
  3. Wind pressure would show the character trying not to blow away in a heavy wind when there is high winds outdoors.
The piece will be meant solely for weather information that can be always available to anyone within a room in the form of an interesting looking art animated piece of art on the wall. The animation will continue changing throughout the day depending on the temperature. And when the temperature becomes stable for some time, the animation will be limited to the character just blinking and shifting on his  feet or looking around at the corners of the frame.

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