The Fluid Wall Chapter

Late last year the complete development process of the Fluid Wall application was published as an online chapter in the book 'Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects' The book contains a few absolutely amazing projects by some of the experts in OpenCV and the field of computer vision.

I am in no way an OpenCV expert, and am very grateful to have our Fluid Wall project included in the book as an online ad-on. This humble chapter you will attempt to give a detailed explanation about how we integrated the Kinect data through OpenNI and OpenCV with fluid mechanics of a fluid simulation from Jos Stam to create a fun, interactive program.

Furthermore, I would like to make acknowledgement here:

    I wanted to especially mention the work of another student from Texas A&M, whose name you will undoubtedly come across in the code included for this chapter. Fluid Wall was developed as part of a student project by Austin Hines and myself. Major credit for the project goes to Austin, as he was the creative mind behind it. He was also responsible for the arduous job of implementing the fluid simulation code into our application. Even though he wasn't able to participate in writing this chapter due to a number of work- and study-related preoccupations, but loads of credit for this project goes to him.

See the following links for more details about the project or the book..