Proj 1: Temperature/Light Controlled Animated Painting

The basic idea is to have a simple image of a field/landscape displayed in a frame on a wall. The frame is connected to a couple of sensors outdoors that gauge the temperature and the light intensity outdoors.

Temperature Sensor:
Depending on what the temperature is like outside, the landscape will transform into something like a desert (at hi temperatures), or becomes very green with plants and trees to depicts spring (at mi-range temperatures), or transforms into a cold / snow-filled landscape (at very low temperatures).

Light Sensor:
The painting also depicts day and night depending on whether there's any light outside or not. I don't know if it can accurately measure differences in light-intensity if the sky is overcast etc. but, if so, that would be a welcome addition too.

More sensors that can be added:
With a sensor for humidity added to the system, there can be an additional animation of rain or snow (depending on the temperature) in the painting.

Air pressure:
With a sensor for air pressure added, the system could also display something like a storm, windy day etc. 

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