The Kinect SDK of Choice [OpenNI + Primesense + CLNUI]

Driving the Kinect Camera
Using the OpenNI SDK with PrimeSense's Driver and middle-ware, life has been much simpler :)
Here's what it can do right after the installation:

The Motor was Another Story Altogether
The only problem with the PrimeSense driver was it does not support the Kinect Motor. So, after several experiments and some time searching online forums for a solution, it was discovered that the PrimeSense Sensor's camera driver and CLNUI motor + audio drivers can be installed to run side-by-side.

This is what the Device manager might look like on a Windows XP machine with the two installed together:

On a Win XP Machine
On Windows 7 it somehow mixes up the CL Devices and PrimeSensor names, but the drivers still work fine.

How to make them work together (on Windows):
We had to do the triple installation for the OpenNI+Sensor+NITE and the installation for CLNUI Devices could be done either before or after them (we've tried both versions on different machines).

Once installed, the Kinect will probably have the first driver you installed as its primary driver. So, you'll have to go into the Device Manager and manually change the driver for the Camera to 'Kinect Camera' and the Motor to 'NUI Motor'.

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